Please join us in supporting Savvy Wolfson for House District 26!

Savannah possess the fiery spirit and passion we look for in a candidate,  and exactly the fighter’s spirit the voters of House District 26 deserve.

She came into the fight for freedom by taking the long way around, living and voting Democrat for most of her 20s.

Thankfully, Savvy was not only smart enough to wake up to the deep-rooted lies of the Left, but to also make a complete reversal and decided to take the fight straight back to them.

Prior to running for the Colorado House, Savvy has fought for students’ and parents’ rights at local school board meetings and is well-known in her community.

In summary, Savannah Wolfson has been put to the test regarding how she will fight for our freedoms, and she passed with flying colors.

Please join us in supporting Savannah Wolfson for House District 26.

As Your Representative, Savannah will be:

Tough on Crime

A Voice for Our Children

A Defender of TABOR


Where is House District 26?